Afro Pride Starter Pack 5-in-1




Why use all 5 products:

With so many products in the market, choosing your hair maintenance system can be a difficult task; Afro Pride has made this easier by packaging all the goodness that your natural Afro hair needs. This total hair care system delivers moisture, manageability and restorative properties all while encouraging and maintaining its healthy condition for the diverse textures of African curly hair.

Having all 5 products leaves every family with a hair-care system that has been proved to manage and maintain a healthy hair routine.

The Liquid Oil Cream method(LOC)

  1. First detangle your hair thoroughly using AP Detangling hair spray or your conditioner mixture. If hair doesn’t have a lot of product build- up, use only your conditioner to wash it, or else AP mild cleansing Co- Wash followed by the conditioner.
  2. Shampoo – Use AP Deep nourishing shampoo at least once or twice a month to keep scalp and hair clean giving it the ability to absorb the goodness this system provides. This Deep nourishing shampoo is also infused with Baobab oil and proteins which help avoid the dry static feel after your wash.
  3. Always follow with AP conditioner to smoothen down your hair and seal back hair cuticles opened during shampooing. You can leave the conditioner for longer on your hair, cover with a plastic cap and keep it warm for 15- 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry your hair and scalp, taking care not to twist the hair strands while drying.
  4. Spray AP Moisturizing Hair Softener Spray over your hair.
  5. If the hair is long, section it then apply Afro Pride 7 in one oil serum to each section paying attention to your hair ends and hairline.
  6. Follow up with AP hair and scalp butter to seal in the moisture as well as closing off the hair cuticles to prevent moisture loss. Always start from the tip of the hair while using your fingers(raking method), and gradually go down to the scalp.  Love your Crown.