Afro Pride Post Braid Detangler 250ml

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Single Braids/ Twist:


  • Before removing braiding fibre, spray enough close to the root to cover all the areas where the fibre connects to your hair.
  • Carefully cut the braiding fibre a few centimetres away from your own hair.
  • Start removing braiding fibre while the hair is moist.
  • Use your fingers or wide toothed comb to detangle and comb through.
  • After detangling all your hair, follow with Afro Pride deep nourishing shampoo and hydrating conditioner.


Cornrows/ Flat Twist:

  • Spray to cover all your hair.
  • Continue with step 2 -5 above.


Knotted / Very tangled hair


  • Spray enough to soak your knotted hair.
  • Cover with a plastic cap for at least 10 minutes (if necessary).
  • Start detangling preferably with your fingers then comb through.
  • Continue with step 5 above.


N.B. If the knots are at the tips of your hair, it is suggested to trim your ends.

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