Afro Pride Moisturizing Hair Softener 250ml

R 150.00

Improved formula to keep your hair moisturized while soothing your scalp while you wear your braided style. It is enriched with proteins and natural oils which replenishes your hairs ‘moisture loss, repairing the damaged hair shafts and eliminating any knots and tangles thereby improving the manageability of your hair leaving it soft and well defined.

LOC: This is the Liquid on your daily LOC method.



Mist your hair then use your fingers to evenly distribute moisture through your hair strands.

Follow with Afro Pride 7 in 1 oil or hair butter. Twist or style as desired.

Always use it for all your braided hair styles.

For softer hair textures, use this as a leave in moisturizing spray to reduce freeze and define your curl.

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