Afro Pride 7 in 1 Oil Serum 150ml

R 150.00

100% Natural formula with Castor seed oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Peppermint oil, Baobab oil, Olive oil, Soybean oil.

Infused with Teatree & Lemon Oil

LOC: This is the O on LOC moisturizing method.



  1. Use it in your LOC method to combat dry hair and scalp.
  2. Deep conditioning – Add it to your conditioner.
  3. Oil Treatment
  4. Apply directly to the scalp if / when needed
  5. Mix it with water and spray as your daily moisture, best for your little one too.
  • Warm enough oil to cover each strand of hair.
  • Section your hair then apply while gently massaging on the scalp and hair to stimulate blood circulation which helps with moisture absorption.
  • Cover hair with plastic cap; keep it warm for at least 30 min covering with a warm towel.
  • Comb hair through with fingers or a wide toothed comb then do one of the ff.

Pre poo – Follow with Afro Pride Shampoo and Conditioner as usual.


Oil Rinse- Simply rinse it off with warm water and dry hair as usual.

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