Our Story

AFRO PRIDE® was created by Nomaxabiso Precious Kyriakides, a South African business woman who was born in the Eastern Cape.

22 years ago (1999), frustrated by the non-existence of information on Afro hair maintenance, Precious embarked on an extensive Natural Hair research for this neglected market in search of information to best care for her hair as well as her 2 children.  She then noticed that this entire section of the population had no educational material and no quality hair care products at all.

Determined to build a foundation for her family and others, Precious set out to expand her knowledge in this untouched, neglected necessity of our lives.  She extensively investigated as many sources as possible and eventually registered with a hair academy.  After years of research and education, she opened a hair salon specializing in superior treatment and carefully chosen black African hair products.

This proved to be the perfect learning grounds to perfect the strengths and benefits of various ingredients for optimum hair care.

Working further with an experienced team of formulators, trichologist, hair technicians, stylists, bloggers, researchers and especially clients- AFRO PRIDE® was born.

By harnessing the goodness of raw ingredients found in natural oils, waxes and butters, AFRO PRIDE® hair care products deliver for the diverse textures of African hair with manageability, moisturising and restorative properties all while encouraging and maintaining its healthy condition.

Using AFRO PRIDE®, she is now offering 1 on 1 natural hair consultations, treatments and maintenance while training different African hairdressing salons on how to work with natural Afros.