Our Story

Having started our research on African Hair since 1999, we expanded our knowledge by extensively investigating as many sources as possible which included registering with a hair academy for different hairdressing courses.

Different products and hair textures at our hair salon were our perfect grounds as we worked closely with an experienced team of formulators, trichologist, hair technicians, stylists, researchers, bloggers and especially clients as they all gave use enough feedback. We were able to perfect the strengths and benefits of various ingredients for optimum hair care.

Afro Pride is a total hair care system that is developed for dry to very dry hair while addressing all basic natural hair issues. This leads to healthy hair and scalp which promotes growth to our kinks & curls.

We have never looked back since we’ve started using this brand at our own hair salon which has also attracted more natural clients especially children.  We also work with qualified Afro hair stylists who use Afro Pride to maintain and style our Kinks & Curls to perfection for all lifestyles and events.