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  1. Afro Pride SA Team

    Thank you all for your support.

  2. Pamela Singatha

    Love how Afro Pride softens our Afro as my sons says “combing is no big deal any more” . Never thought I ‘d find local family brand with so many products in their range, real hair care System.

  3. Siya Charles

    A big thank you to Afro Pride SA for the best Afro hair treatment and Afro-hair care products. I booked a hair treatment with Ms Kyriakides, and it was by far the best treatment I’ve had on my natural hair journey so far! She also taught me how to take care of my natural hair and what products and oils help it to grow. It was a natural hair masterclass. I learned so much, and plus my hair feels amazing!

    1. manager

      Thank you so much Siya Charles for making us part of your journey, we enjoyed working with your hair. See you soon:)
      #sharethelove #hairthelove.

  4. Cindy Sokanyile

    It has been an amazing journey, your thorough knowledge for your product and how you have made me appreciate my hair more and helped me understand it as well as teaching me on how to properly take good care of it. I am now a very proud afro owner.
    #IamThamzin #ShareTheLove #HairTheLove #AfroPride

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