Afro Pride Starter Pack 4-in-1


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Afro Pride Products are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Petrochemical Free, Artificial Colorant Free.  With so many products in the market, choosing your hair maintenance system can be a difficult task; Afro Pride has made this easier by packaging all the goodness that Afro and all dry to very dry hair needs for a total Moisturizing hair maintenance. This total hair care system delivers moisture, manageability and restorative properties all while encouraging and maintaining its healthy condition for the diverse textures of African hair.

Why use all 4 products :

By harnessing the goodness of raw ingredients found in natural oils, waxes and butters all these products have 1 thing in common, NATURAL MOISTURE!!!

  1. Shampoo – at least once a week to keep scalp and hair clean giving it the ability to absorb the goodness this system provides. This Deep nourishing shampoo is also enriched with natural oils and proteins which help avoid the dry static feel after your wash. ( See product directions for more details)
  2. Always follow with your conditioner to detangle and bring back the moisture that might be lost through shampooing. Towel dries afterwards.
  3. Medium length Hair’: Section your hair into 6 or more and apply hair butter from scalp to the tip of your hair. Work the hair butter thoroughly with your fingers on each section and then twist each section before you move to the next one. Repeat until all sections are twisted.

For very long and thick hair, spray a little hair softener immediately after the hair butter and continue to twist.  Allow the hair to dry with the twist while absorbing the natural moisture. Leave on as long as possible then style as desired. For a longer stretched look and feel, do not use your hair softener spray after undoing your twist.

  1. Quench the thirst and soften with the detangling hair softener spray as desired a day or 2 later.

Detangling hair softener spray will moisten and soften your ‘Fro helping to make your daily combing effortless and pain free.

For short hair :

  • Shampoo ( See product directions for more details)
  • Condition, then towel dry your hair.
  • Apply hair and scalp butter thoroughly making sure that you cover and massage scalp and hair.
  • Follow with detangling hair softener as desired.

Did you know?

  • You can use your Detangling Hair Softener Spray on braids and twists to moisturize therefore avoiding knots and tangles when removing.
  • If you wash your hair more than just once a week, you should skip the first step (shampoo) on your other wash days.
  • Also see our Afro Pride Gentle Co wash